Who We Are

HOND is a non-profit corporation that promotes fair housing. HOND is governed by a Board of Directors composed of a cross-section of business and community representatives. We know that fair housing opens doors of opportunity. To communicate this belief, HOND focuses its activities around the following functions:

EDUCATION: HOND provides current information about housing and fair housing practices to existing community groups and counseling agencies. A variety of workshops, seminars and literature are developed for consumers, community groups, housing professionals and private business persons.

COMPLIANCE: HOND works with and encourages realtors, bankers, apartment managers, landlords and others to comply with fair housing regulations. HOND also works closely with government agencies including FDIC, HUD, State Human Relations Office and Commission, the City of Wilmington and New Castle County.

DIRECT ASSISTANCE: HOND provides assistance and counseling to individuals who believe they are victims of unfair housing practices. HOND works with community groups and counseling agencies that are interested in fair housing.

ADVOCACY: HOND monitors legislation at the local, state and national levels and serves as an advocate for fair housing.

RESEARCH: HOND develops and conducts research projects to eliminate inequitable housing practices. Consumers, community groups and public and private housing organizations participate in these research projects.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: HOND works with community groups, agencies and others who have projects in mind to promote fair housing.

Success Stories

We share success stories of our clients going through the process of purchasing their first homes. They are inspiring, encouraging, empowering, and give hope to others. You too can be a success story.


George E. Evans, Esq.

Vincent M. White
Vice Chairperson
Thomas Russell, II
Charles Brittingham

Libby Zurkow, Dorothy A. Norris,
Rev. Aaron Moore, Olga Ramirez,
Clare Howard, Gladys Spikes