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This is HOND,Housing Opportunities of Northern Delaware, Inc. HOND is a non-profit corporation promoting fair and equal housing opportunities in the sale and rental of housing in the state of Delaware. HOND is governed by a Board of Directors composed of a cross-section of business and community representatives.

Our Staff

Our experienced and dedicated staff works diligently to help members of the Northern Delaware community realize the American Dream of home ownership by providing guidance, mentoring and achievable solutions to deserving families and individuals, allowing them to build a solid foundation for their future. We know that fair housing opens doors of opportunity. HOND has counseled more than 300 families, annually, as a required prerequisite in working with lenders who hold their mortgages. HOND has successfully assisted our lending partners and families to save 10 million dollars in real-estate.

Fair Housing

Fair Housing is a right protected by Federal, State, and Local Laws. Fair Housing means you may freely choose a place to live without regard to your race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status creed, age or because you are handicap or have children in your family, sourcre or income, and sexual orientation.

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Workshop & Training

Workshops & Training

Comprehensive Housing Counseling Agency

(US Department of HUD Certified)
HOND is a non-profit corporation that promotes fair housing. HOND is governed bya a Board of Director comprised of a cross-section of business and community representatives.
Housing Workshops - HOND provides trainings and forums for landlords, property managers, and housing professionals.
Volunteers Needed - Volunteers play a very important part of what we do here at HOND. They assist us in building a brighter future for others.
HOND conducts trainings and forums to empower its clients. Learn More